Alexander Zaldostanov: biography, personal life. Professional activity

Alexander Sergeevich Zaldostanov (according to some information, the correct spelling of the surname is Zaldastanov), nickname - the Surgeon - is a legendary Soviet and Russian biker, founder and leader of the biker movement in Russia and the oldest Russian biker club "Night Wolves" . He is also the head of the public non-profit organization “Russian Motorcyclists”, operating under his club; President of the Russian Bikers Association; General Director of the Bike Center at the club in Moscow and the representative office in Russia of the Sexton .

Alexander Zaldostanov Soviet and Russian biker

Childhood and youth

Alexander Sergeevich Zaldostanov was born on January 19, 1963 in the city of Kirovograd in the Ukrainian SSR . His parents were doctors; besides him, the family also had an older sister, Anastasia, who also became a doctor and went to live and work abroad. Mom, Lyubov Vasilievna, worked as a resuscitator and was a deeply religious person; she also tried to raise her children in the spirit of the Orthodox religion. This woman also possessed two paradoxical qualities: she was a staunch supporter of the policies of Joseph Stalin, but at the same time a categorical opponent of the ideology of communism.

Alexander Zaldostanov in his youth

Young Alexander, surrounded by doctors, also intended to become a doctor. He entered the 3rd Moscow Medical Institute, graduated from it and his residency in 1984, and became a certified maxillofacial surgeon. However, there is other information according to which Zaldostanov never completed his studies at the medical institute. According to the rules of that time, after graduating from university, Alexander was assigned to a dental hospital and had to work in his specialty. At first, this is what happened; he was even predicted to have a good career in this field. But Zaldostanov was too freedom-loving and unconventional for Soviet society to live his whole life as an ordinary doctor of those years. The rebellious nature and passion for motorcycles and heavy metal soon manifested themselves to such an extent that the young man left his position as a maxillofacial surgeon and from medicine in general. There was no more professional work in Alexander’s life; he completely devoted himself to his hobby, which turned into his lifestyle.

Alexander Zaldostanov (right) in his youth

The beginning of the biker journey

1983 can be considered the beginning of the biker career of Alexander Zaldostanov. That year, the guy, while still studying at an internship, bought his first motorcycle. This was the famous Czechoslovak “Java”, which became one of the symbols of its time. Riding on his own “iron horse,” the young man was distracted from the gray reality and everyday work. Being desperate and arrogant by nature, Alexander easily made acquaintances with like-minded people, including the “Black Aces” - a group of informals, which included not only bikers, but also fans of heavy music and simply those who like to have fun, or even fight in your pleasure. The head of this youth formation was Rus Tyurin.

Alexander Zaldostanov is the founder and leader of the oldest biker club in Russia, “Night Wolves”

“Black Aces” could not help but notice such a bright personality as Alexander Zaldostanov. More and more lovers of drunkenness and revelry gathered around him, and soon our hero, known among informals under the nickname “Sasha the Dentist,” received a more respectable name - Alexander the Surgeon. The whole company of his friends began to be called “Surgery”.

Black Aces

Constantly participating in endless street battles, Alexander attracted the attention of the leader of the youth movement of metalworkers, Rusu Tyurin. The community had the name “Black Aces” and stood out for its fighting character. Its participants wore leather jackets and listened to hard rock music, which was banned at that time. Not everyone could get there. Sasha the Surgeon, unlike Ruso, knew how and loved to communicate with the press, which is why the leader of the Tuzov entrusted this responsibility to him.

Surgeon, chief biker of Russia

Being a very ambitious and enthusiastic person, the Surgeon attracted an increasing number of like-minded people. Apparently, a more than friendly atmosphere reigned among them. And soon Alexander managed to organize his own personal group, simply called “Surgery”, and calling himself “Surgeon”.

At the same time, Zaldostanov bought his first motorcycle. This motivated him to turn his group into a motorcycle club. Traveling with his wife around Europe, Alexander made friends with members of the largest European motorcycle community, from whom he learned the peculiarities of biker culture and hierarchy. Due to the lack of information, it was very difficult to attract new participants; fortunately, at that time, video rental stores began to appear, where you could rent any video tape for little money. At that time, such foreign films as “Streets on Fire” and “Savage” were very popular. From such films, people learned about the culture of moto gangs, and it was not difficult for Alexander to attract their attention.

The groups sought to imitate the brutal style of bearded men on cool bikes, armed to the teeth with weapons, bats and chains. This style helped Alexander become a leader among informals. The surgeon dreamed that his community would become famous even outside his homeland, for this he began to give various interviews in which he talked not about his life, but in every possible way promoted the views and beliefs of the community.

The emergence and rise of the Night Wolves

The prerequisite for creating his own biker club, which later became legendary, was the move of Alexander Zaldostanov to West Germany. This happened due to the marriage of our hero to a German woman named Matilda in 1985. Life in a foreign country was not cloudless for the Soviet guy. He had to engage in a wide variety of activities in order to be able to provide for himself and his wife. Zaldostanov worked in West Germany as a watchman, a sitter, a concierge, an auto mechanic, and a doorman. It was while working as a doorman at one of the nightclubs - the establishment was called Sexton - that he met representatives of the famous Hell's Angels motorcycle club. These people made such a strong impression on the young Soviet biker that he became obsessed with the idea of ​​creating the same movement and the same organization in his homeland. This is what he did in 1989, when he returned to the Soviet Union. The group of bikers was called “Night Wolves”, and Alexander Zaldostanov himself, who has since been called the Surgeon almost everywhere, became its leader.

Alexander Zaldostanov founder and leader of the oldest biker club in Russia “Night Wolves”

1993 is a new stage in the Russian biker movement. Alexander the Surgeon defeated Alik Goch, the leader of the Rostov motorcycle association “Cossacks,” thus “monopolizing” the entire Russian biker environment. Our hero was then thirty years old. Since then, none of the representatives of this movement in Russia could create their own groups or perform other actions significant for this area as a whole, without securing the approval of the Night Wolves and the Surgeon himself.

Amusing resemblance: Alexander Zaldostanov (left) and Vincent Regan

Suddenly a new problem arose for Zaldostanov. He and his new brainchild needed money, but the biker, who didn’t work anywhere, didn’t have it. In order to get a source of permanent income, Alexander and his “brothers” founded a rock club, which was named the same as a similar establishment in West Germany, where the Surgeon worked as a doorman (and also a bouncer) - “Sexton”. This place went down in history as the center of frantic revelry and brawls, drinking bouts and fights. Things were going great, but in 1995 the rock club suffered a misfortune - it burned down. The “wolves” did not lose heart and laid the foundation for a new event - biker shows, which they began to hold every year with the involvement of participants from different countries, that is, Russian bikers reached the international level.

Alexander Zaldostanov head of the Night Wolves


After perestroika ended, bikers had to adapt to the modern world and at the same time also earn a living. Their unusual style and favorite music helped them in this. So the “wolves” became co-owners of the first 24-hour rock club in Moscow, named after the famous Berlin club “Sexton”.

All over Moscow they were talking about the new rock club. The Wolves organized motorcycle rides with the “Angels” who were visiting them. Bikers now had a reputation as avid party animals and rockers. There was always music playing in the club and there was a whole lot of alcohol. Whoever has visited this semi-basement room, there are rumors that many famous people, including politicians, were there.

In the first half of 1995, Sexton was destroyed by fire, and the bikers again had to look for money and new shelter. Thus, large-scale bike shows appeared in Russia.

Club Sexton

In 1998, Zaldostanov terminated relations with the Hell'sAngels club. This may have been because the Angels were reluctant to take on the Wolves due to their peculiar board structure, which included annual elections for the club's president, which apparently displeased the Surgeon. After all, according to rumors, the Night Wolves do not have such elections to this day, and Zaldostanov is the only leader. Currently, it is forbidden to mention Angels among Wolves. According to another version, American bikers sent the Surgeon a letter telling him not to chase the West, but to develop his own style.

The collapse of the Wolves monopoly and the accident

The year 1999 was eventful. This year, a new bike center was opened, somewhere in the Mnevniki area, and Alexander got into a terrible accident, which occurred due to jammed front brakes. As a result, our hero receives a traumatic brain injury and falls into a coma on the way to the hospital. It was not known how long this condition would last.

It is not known what brand of motorcycle he had at that time and why the brakes failed.

Alexander the Surgeon spent two weeks in a coma and only came to his senses on the 15th.

Subsequently, the Wolves' monopoly collapsed. Other clubs began to appear, for example fans of certain brands of motorcycles and others. The Wolves were busy promoting their own bike center and did not interfere with the development of newly formed clubs.

Immediately after the hospital, Alexander took up his club. It was necessary to complete the construction. The new club was located in the area of ​​​​an old vacant lot where bars, services and various shops were soon formed. The club retained its old name “Sexton”, and the interior was made in a post-apocalyptic style. After the accident, Alexander became more religious and began to often go to church. While other bikers dreamed of being part of the world movement, the surgeon did not care about this, he wanted to move in his own direction and only in his homeland.

Among motorcycles, Alexander preferred not foreign cars, but domestically produced motorcycles. For himself, the Surgeon chose the Ural motorcycle as an iron horse. At that time, the Wolves had a frequent guest: the famous actor and director, who later became their chaplain, Ivan Okhlobystin.

Soon the Surgeon had to look for a new place for the club, because the authorities were going to demolish the old one. In this matter, Alexander was helped by the clergyman Father John, who advised him to build a new center on church territory in order to gain immunity. A businessman whom a monk he knew helped him find such a place. The emergence of a religious component in the movement became the cause of contention among the Wolves, because now there were disagreements among the participants on key issues. Now it was difficult to call it brotherhood. Newcomers began to appear in the club, not so close in spirit and views to the Wolves, but useful to the Surgeon. Among them were entrepreneurs and small managers.

In 2001, the club split completely. The reason was the bike center, which now, according to documents, belonged only to the Surgeon. The brothers in the club did not expect such an act from him and left, saying that they would only return with “Angels” stripes on their backs. In 2004, Alexander faced another unpleasant blow in the form of the departure of his friend and right-hand man Frolov from the club, who proposed opening a branch of Hell’s Angels in Russia. Now among the Wolves there were no disagreements with Alexander, and he remained the only leader.

Alexander Zlatostanov promotes love for the fatherland and patriotism among young people

The bike shows organized by the Surgeon became more and more patriotic. In one of his interviews, Alexander said that the conflicts between the clubs had been resolved and no showdowns were expected. The conversation also turned to politics, in response to which the Surgeon replied that he did not seek power and was not going to get involved in politics. However, the opposite situation was observed; people involved in politics sought to get into the bike community.

Organizing more and more motorcycle races and being active in public activities, the Surgeon began to appear more and more often on television and in the press. In one of the interviews, he spoke about the problem of Russophobia. Critics often reproached the nationality of Alexander, who lived in Russia and was born in the small Ukrainian town of Kirovograd.

Life after the accident

1999 is a new starting point in the life of Alexander Zaldostanov. While he was riding his motorcycle, the front brakes suddenly jammed. A serious accident occurred, due to which the Surgeon even fell into a coma. The man remained in this critical condition for two weeks. Having come to his senses and recovered, Alexander changed very much in his outlook on life. He turned into a very religious man; he decided to live the rest of his life as a true Orthodox Christian should. The surgeon became a frequent parishioner in churches and began to communicate with clergy. One of them was Ivan Okhlobystin - a priest, but at the same time an actor, director, screenwriter, and in the past a well-known rowdy and informal. She and Zaldostanov became close and found a common language. Okhlobystin began visiting Sexton, more and more often, and eventually joined the ranks of the Night Wolves, because Ivan Ivanovich is also a motorcycle enthusiast. Another innovation in the life of the Surgeon was his refusal to buy motorcycles from foreign companies. After emerging from a coma, he began driving a domestic Ural, which caused considerable surprise among some members of the community.

Alexander Zaldostanov

It would seem that such an event as attracting Ivan Okhlobystin, a personality popular in various circles, to his company should unite the Wolves even more and elevate their own leader, the Surgeon, in their eyes. However, it turned out quite the opposite. Zaldostanov’s excessive religiosity turned some bikers against him. A split occurred among the Night Wolves: some of them remained faithful to the Surgeon, despite his new thinking, and some left the organization. Moreover, there were so many who separated that they were able to create their own biker groups. All this led to the fact that the Night Wolves ceased to be a monopoly in the Russian motorcycle world. But the creator and ideological inspirer of this movement did not seem particularly concerned about such changes. He focused on rebuilding the Sexton Club, which was to become a major bikie centre.

Alexander Zaldostanov - Surgeon

Crucial moment

In 1999, the most famous Russian biker had a serious accident. Having received a severe traumatic brain injury, Alexander was in a coma for two weeks.

Returning to the world, the legendary man in Mnevniki, together with his comrades, built a base. The style is post-apocalyptic. A lot of mangled iron, a sign “Don’t get in - it’ll kill you!” and the massive wreckage makes the occupants of this “bike house” feel like they survived a nuclear war. There is a profitable shop, bar and club "Sexton" on the territory. In addition, legal money is brought in by regular bike shows on a grand scale and with aplomb.

Views and social activities of the Surgeon

Alexander “Surgeon” Zaldostanov actively participates in the public life of the country. At the same time, he never tires of repeating that he has nothing to do with politics and does not want to have anything to do with it. However, no one can ignore the influence that the Night Wolves have on the general public. There is hardly a person who has never heard of this biker club and its controversial leader. Moreover, it should be noted that the Surgeon is trying to promote patriotism, respect for the homeland and its history among the population and especially young people, and also instills the Orthodox faith. For such hard and fruitful work in 2013, Zaldostanov was awarded the Order of Honor.

Alexander Zaldostanov

The Night Wolves club often organizes various events, especially dedicated to various significant dates in the history of the country. For example, on the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of Sevastopol, motorcycle shows, rallies, and festivals are held. Zaldostanov is also known as a participant in religious processions, where he moves in the same column with the rest of the believers. This causes strong indignation among a significant part of the bikers, but the Surgeon does not change his beliefs. Also, the mixed reaction stems from the Surgeon’s friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin . The head of state visited the Sexton club three times and also participated in motorcycle races in 2010 and 2011.

“Night Wolves” and V.V. Putin

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Personal life of the Surgeon

The personal life of Alexander “Surgeon” Zaldostanov remains almost completely a secret behind seven seals. Despite his publicity and eccentricity, the man does not like to talk about such a private topic. Even journalists managed to find very little information about the Surgeon’s relationships with women. It is known for certain that in 1985, at the age of twenty-two, the guy married a German woman. The girl's name was Mathilde, she was a journalist from the Federal Republic of Germany. As it turned out, the family of Zaldostanov’s chosen one was not easy: the girl’s father was the director of a branch in the city of Stuttgart. After getting married, the young people went to live in West Berlin. But family life did not work out. The most likely reason is the difficult financial situation of Alexander and Matilda. Despite the status of his father-in-law, Zaldostanov was not lucky enough to benefit from his help, but had to work hard in Germany to feed himself and his wife. Thus, the details of Alexander’s life with his German wife are unknown; the only indisputable fact is that in 1989 the marriage broke up and our hero returned home to the Soviet Union.

Subsequently, the Surgeon’s relationships with women were not commented on by the biker himself, and only occasional mentions of them appeared in the press. Whether any of what was written was true is anyone’s guess. For example, once in several publications there were suggestions about a close relationship between Zaldostanov and the notorious ballerina Anastasia Volochkova .

Alexander Zaldostanov and Anastasia Volochkova

The surgeon is also a father - he has a son, George, who is already quite an adult. Sometimes information “pops up” about Alexander’s other children, both sons and daughters. Moreover, Zaldostanov turned out to be a caring dad, he does not renounce his offspring, does not deny paternity, but, on the contrary, helps the children in every possible way.

Surgeon now

In 2016, a scandal erupted around the statement of the Surgeon, in which he criticized the artistic director of the Satyricon theater Konstantin Raikin, who supported the abolition of censorship in Russia. The statements of the two celebrities raised a wave of resonance in society. The Surgeon’s words were quite harsh and were based on the fact that excessive freedom never leads to good, because it is with freedom that the devil always seduces people. Two warring camps emerged: some became opponents of Zaldostanov in this decision, others ardently supported the biker’s position. Among the Surgeon’s like-minded people was, in particular, the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov . He argued that complete permissiveness in society in general and art in particular could lead to very disastrous consequences: promiscuity of youth and insult to the feelings and beliefs of religious people. The conflict between the parties reached such a point of intensity that even government officials intervened in the matter. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov advised the Surgeon to make a public apology. But the famous “night wolf” did not want to give in and give up his words.

Alexander Zaldostanov Surgeon - biker

In May 2022, Alexander Zaldostanov again declared himself as a shocking personality. Then the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin was held, and the Surgeon appeared in a very extravagant appearance. He was not wearing any headgear, which is uncharacteristic for a biker, and under the traditional jacket of an informal motorcyclist he could see a white turtleneck.

Awards[ | ]

  • Order of Honor[56] (March 12, 2013) - for active work in the patriotic education of youth, participation in search work and perpetuating the memory of fallen defenders of the Fatherland
  • Medal “For the Return of Crimea”[61] (April 2014) - for an active patriotic position and support for the citizens of Crimea in their self-determination
  • Badge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic “For Distinction in the Fight against Terrorism” [62] (March 7, 2016) - for the enormous contribution to the development of interethnic relations, the patriotic education of youth, as well as countering extremism and terrorism
  • (March 17, 2014) - for personal contribution to the return of Crimea to Russia
  • Medal “For Strengthening International Cooperation” (PMR) (2018)[64]

Interesting facts about the Surgeon

The surgeon rides a motorcycle inappropriately: without a mandatory helmet. Also, despite many years of driving experience, he constantly violates traffic rules, and does so consciously. Because of this, the biker is constantly at odds with law enforcement agencies.

Alexander Zaldostanov acted in films several times. In 1989, it was a cameo role in the acclaimed drama film “Accident – ​​the Cop’s Daughter.” In 1992, he also played cameo roles in the films Luna Park and Dancing Ghosts.

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